Anyone know where I can get a 7 foot shower curtain?

Shower Rod

matter20 asks:

I would like to put in a round shower curtain rod but in order to do so I need a 7 ft in length shower curtain and I can not find any anywhere. They are all70 or 72: and I need 84. Any help would be great. Thanks

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Answer by T C
You need to have an upholstery shop make one for you.

3 thoughts on “Anyone know where I can get a 7 foot shower curtain?

  1. You might try going into google or yahoo image search and see what links you can find, surely to goodness you can find one somewhere. Most images link to websites that sell or offer that item.

  2. How about joining two [or more] together! I’m sure that would do the job and possibly look better – it would be ‘fuller’ and have a more ‘relaxed’ look. Good luck!

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