Looking to buy RV for tailgating. What do you do if there are no water hook ups where you park your RV?

Shower Hook

cowboy_fan asks:

We are thinking about getting an RV for tailgating. There are no hookups in the parking lot that still has spaces available. Do RV’s come with water tanks so you can take short showers or get a drink of water? Also, you have to have a generator right?

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Answer by desjr1967
Most RV’s come with a 20 to 30 gal fresh water tank and a 30 gal waste water tank.

How does the circulatory system respond to stimulus and energy storage?


hijumpR asks:

I am supposed to compare and contrast the vascular systems of plants and animals.
How does the circulatory system in animals respond to stimulus and energy storage?
How does the vascular system in plants respond to stimulus and energy storage?
I need all the help I can get with these questions because I cannot find answers to them anywhere.
Thank you!

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Answer by Armando Faigl
You answer is here:

But just to tell you plants get CO2 from the air and togeather with H20 (water) and sunlight energy they create O2 (oxygen) which gets released and they keep Glucose as their energy. This process is Photosynthesis.
The sugar and other organic molecules are transported through the plant by means of a special layer of tissue called phloem. Phloem is composed of living cells that transport a water solution of sugars that we commonly call sap. This movement is modeled by the pressure-flow theory, a part of which is that the sugar-containing fluid is moved through sieve tubes by fluid pressure. By this means, nutrients can be moved from the photosynthetic site (the source) to the place where the sugar is being used (the sink) whether it is up or down the stem of the plant.
The energy can be stored in cells the chloroplasts or even mitochondria in some plants.

Humans breath Oxygen get into the alveoli in the lungs and exchanges it with CO2 (the waste product of body cells). Then the cells uses 02 and glucose with some other stuff to create ATP which is energy in the body. This is created in the Mitochondria and can be stored there for later usage. All you have to do it keep breathing and eating.
And as I said the waste product of this is CO2 which gets exhaled out.

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Where can I find the recycle bin on my computer?

Recycle Bin

annonymous asks:

I have windows vista and ive had an error occurring forever with the dock,
it wont load anymore. i didnt really care about it because i only had crap on that thing anyway.
but the recycle bin was on there and my computers hard drive is filling up and i think it might be because of everything in my recycle bin?
with the dock gone, i have no clue where it is, can anyone help me?

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Answer by John
Your problem likely has a very simple solution. In any version of Windows, by default, the Recycle Bin is always present on the desktop; unless you go into the Controls to disable it. Simply click the start button, search for “icons”, and click the result that says “show or hide common icons on the desktop”. From there, it’s pretty straightforward.

I hope that this fixes it, but if it doesn’t, feel free to e-mail me for more options. Otherwise, you can also run the Disk Cleanup utility if your hard drive gets too packed. In there, you also have instant access to emptying the Recycle Bin.