What is most cost effective for adding a bathroom to a detached rec-room?


Euro 4 asks:

We have a detached rec-room in the back of our house. It is all wired for electric, has AC etc. We want to build a bathroom. Is it more cost effective to build the bathroom within the existing structure like an interior remodel, or build a completely new add-on to the rec-room?

Also, would the building codes/permits be any different for either way of doing this?

Best answer:

Answer by lewie
if you live in CA you’ve got big hassles w/building permits. it’s probably not legal to add a bath to a detached room.

as for cost effectiveness building a wall or two and putting in a door is MUCH cheaper than pouring a new slab and then building on it. also consider the space restrictions as to building inside or adding outside

Hook [VHS]

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Steven Spielberg’s deeply flawed but sporadically fun and moving update of the Peter Pan legend stars Robin Williams as the grown-up Pan, a corporate-takeover type who must embrace his old identity in order to save his kids from Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman). The stars put on a good show, including Hoffman’s read of Hook’s hysterical personality, Julia Roberts mini-turn as a tiny Tinker Bell, and Maggie Smith’s touching performance as the aged Wendy. The visual contrast between the adult Pan’s bustling outside world and the insulated fantasy of Neverland is striking, but Spielberg’s ideas about the Lost Boys–politically correct in their ethnic diversity, energetic on skateboards–are contrived and cheapening. On the plus side, the story’s theme about adults finding their innocence again through their children is very touching (though some people have found it cloying). If you can look beyond the glaring problems, there’s plenty to like here. –Tom Keogh

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Hook [VHS]

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How do you hook up a phillips universal remote to a modulator video converter?


Samantha asks:

I have a phillips universal remote (SRP 2003/27) and a phillips modulator video converter (SWS22100W/27) and an old Sanyo tv. The converter is hooked up to the tv already. I don’t know how to hook up the universal remote and I have no manuals everything was given to me. Help

Best answer:

Answer by classicsat
SWS22100W/27 does not search as anything. Perhaps you mean SWS2100W/27. That is an RF modulator, and does not use a remote. It is manual or auto-senses the video signal from the device connected to it.

Moen 65-F-PS Donner Low-Profile Curved Shower Rod Flange Kit, Polished Stainless

Product Features and Description:

Moen Creative Specialties 65-F-PS Moen Flange, Polished Stainless Features:; polished stainless finish; limited lifetime warranty; quickly and easily add 6″ – 7″ of elbow room to the shower without having to remodel; decorative covers offer a stylish element while also helping to conceal the mounting hardware); fits standard 72 x 72″ shower curtains; Flange kit only, rod not included; Stainless steel construction

  • Polished stainless finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Quickly and easily add 6 to 7-Inchs of elbow room to the shower without having to remodel
  • Decorative covers offer a stylish element while also helping to conceal the mounting hardware
  • Fits standard 72 x 72-Inch shower curtains

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Moen 65-F-PS Donner Low-Profile Curved Shower Rod Flange Kit, Polished Stainless

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Where can I purchase hardware for a recently purchased 5 tier shelving unit?

Shelving Unit

new mama asks:

I recently made a purchase at my local Goodwill of a 5 tier shelving unit, un-assembled and still in the box. I began assembling the product only to find that 3 important pieces of hardware were missing. It was too late for a return so I went to my local Home Depot to find the missing pieces, but the size (5/8) was not to be found by the staff. I need three 5/8 threaded connectors (the 4 poles of the unit are separated into two pieces which are then connected with the missing pieces). I recognized the box for the unit as a Target brand. Is there a site online I can buy these pieces?

Best answer:

Answer by BobBy In NH
I am sure I have some but…..you could use 5/8 dowels cut to fit the hole and glue them in then re-drill the hole to the size Home Depot does carry.

Any ideas on how to decorate a towel rack?


Fu asks:

My bathroom is a beige color and I have antique bronze accessories – towel rack, new outlets, etc. I am just not sure how to decorate the large towel rack above my tub. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Karle
with some towels that go with the other colors in the room….

How do I specify second paper tray on HP LaserJet 1320n?

Letter Tray

Brucewh asks:

I am using an HP LaserJet 1320n on a Windows 7 system. I would like to be able use standard paper from one tray (presumably the top one), and 3-hole punched paper from the other. I’ve looked at all the settings in every dialog for this printer in Control Panel, but the blamed thing will only take from the top tray.

In sum, when I print something in Word or Paint Shop Pro or PDF Creator, I should be able to go into page set up or printer preferences (or something) and be able to select Letter or 3-Hole Paper, and the printer will produce my output on the desired paper. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Best answer:

Answer by Richard J
Here is the pdf manual for your printer