Can I use fabric paint on a cotton towel?


Lina asks:

I want to know if I can use fabric paint to decorate a typical cotton towel – a face towel, not a bath towel. It won’t be used a lot but I want to know if it can withstand water, sweat, etc. just for a few times keeping the fabric paint intact.
Also, would fabric markers be better than fabric paint/spray for such a use?

Best answer:

Answer by Dr Mark Sloan
Yes, it’ll work but depending on the paint you may not get the aesthetic results you’re after

How to organize my closet?

Shoe Cabinet

Vintage Girl asks:

I have a closet that spans the width of one wall of my room, and I also have a LOT of clothes, a LOT of shoes, and a LOT of purses, accessories, etc. The closet has a clothing rod all the way across the closet, and a shelf above the rod all the way across the closet. I have a large 3 compartment hamper that has to stay in my closet because there is no other place to put it, so it’s in the middle of the closet (which means I cant walk through my closet, and have trouble getting to the clothes in the middle). My shoes are on a makeshift shoe cabinet that spans almost half of my closet, and there isn’t room for some of the shoes, which means they are organized on the floor all the way to the closet door (it doesn’t look very nice). On the other half of the closet I have a couple bags which I keep for luggage, my bag with all my swimsuits in it, and a rubber-maid tower with 3 compartments for my socks and tights. So, basically I have no space for anything on my closet floor. The shelf above is also packed with stuff. Jeans on one side, towels and bath stuff on the other (I don’t have any closet space in my bathroom). The inside of the closet doors have hangers which I have put all my purses on, hats on, and the jackets I wear a lot. Now, I JUST went through my closet yesterday and got rid of tons of clothes, but still I have no clue how to organize everything. Any advice would be great!

Best answer:

Answer by Jim S
The first thing you’ve gotta do is clean out that closet! Anything you haven’t worn for two years or more needs to be sold or donated. That will make some room. Take one part of the closet and turn it into a double clothes bar. You can DIY this or you can buy part of a system from a home center like Home Depot or Lowe’s, or even Sears. That will get stuff like shirts and blouses together and concentrate room for longer garments. Put two level shoe racks along the floor under the full length garments to concentrate the shoes in one area. Put that luggage under the bed, for example, where it won’t be seen and hide it with a bed skirt. Do you not have a dresser or chest of drawers? That’s where all the socks, swimsuits, etc., should go. For example, my wife has THREE closets full of clothes. She hasn’t worn much of it for years and she’s going through it little by little clearing out to sell on Craig’s List, give to friends and family, or donate to charity.

1983(?) Sacramento Tower Shoes and Good-Buy Jeans commercials

Two long-defunct Sacramento businesses- Tower Shoes (which was previously known as Tower of Shoes and Clothing, and not affiliated with Tower Records) and Good-Buy Jeans which advertised a lot in those days but this is the only commercial I have of theirs. They usually had the shot of the family at the end of their commercials, but I remember it being longer than shown here so you saw one of the kids about to step in a puddle before the picture froze! This was recorded from channel 31 when it was KRBK (not sure of the exact date) ; it looks like the Tower Shoes spot was produced at KTXL judging by the text used, and Good-Buy Jeans was produced at KRBK judging by its text and the voiceover who did some station announcements there. One thing I don’t miss about analog TV- buzzing when text appears on-screen!

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hooking up in shower!?

Shower Hook

Ashhhh asks:

friend with benefits and i wanna hook up in a shower… i’m unsure if i want to.. do you think thats trashy or should that only be with like a boyfriend?

Best answer:

Answer by Backhoe
with your boyfriend

I have deleted messages and my trash can automatically deletes. Is there ANYWAY I can retrieve emails?

Trash Can


My trash can automatically deletes emails after a certain amount of time. It usually doesn’t matter, but I deleted emails and should not have. Is there any way of retrieving these emails?

Best answer:

Answer by LoneStar
Not after they have been deleted from the Trash.
Once gone from there—it’s permanent.

What to include in a anniversary gift basket?


Marianna G asks:

I want to make a gift basket for my parents for their 23rd anniversary. I plan to make one for each parent. Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by Owl Be Back
An anniversary is about two people celebrating a marriage union – each parent completes the other, and is each other’s “better half”, so divide items in half, put things in the baskets that that go together, or can be done together. A few ideas are:

– half of a puzzle in each basket (work together to make the puzzle using each other’s pieces)
– a bottle of wine in one basket, and two wine glasses in the other
– romantic movie DVD in one basket and movie treats (popcorn, candy, etc.) in the other
– tickets to a concert or local event (one in each basket)
– an empty photo album in on basket, empty pages for the album in the other (for their anniversary photos)
– bubble bath in one basket, candles in the other

… you get the idea! 🙂

What’s the best way to get a “stale water” smell out of a shower curtain?

Shower Curtain

Sir Hoochalot asks:

I’ve had the shower curtain a few months now and this morning I put my nose to it and phewww! It stinks of that horrible damp water smell. You can only smell it if you press your nose to it but I’d rather it was cleaned. What’s the best thing to use? I’ve never actually thought about cleaning it before now but it’s just occurred to me I may need to.
Is there really no way to clean it? I don’t want to have to replace it all the time.

Best answer:

Answer by Gwinster
I’ve read in health magazine’s that if you have used your shower curtain for about 3-6 months you need to replace it because the bacteria grows on it and using cleaning products doesn’t help much to remove it.

Older sister locked me in the Laundry Hamper? Didn’t get in trouble?

Laundry Hamper

Hayden asks:

Hello my name is Hayden, am 12 years the youngest of 3 and the other night my 15 year old sister Veronica was babysitting me while are mom and dad went out for night. At one point i was looking for something around the laundry room and my sister said I think it fell into the hamper Hayden? and thought it would be funny to lock me in by sitting on the top kicking her feet!

So I could’t get out I found out her evil plan was to try and make me closterfobic 🙁 I started yell Veronica let me go, I promise not to bug you anymore but all she did was constantly repeat what I said while laughing. After about 5 mins she used her cell phone to call her best friend while still kicking her feet and taunting me “let me go Veron” after about 15 mins she quickly put away her cell phone because Mom and Dad got home.

When they walked in she was still sitting on the hamper. I said “mom is that you” My mom was clueless about what was going on? So my sister was smirking and all my mom siad was what are you still doing up it’s time for bed. “But mom “it’s late I don’t have time” so my sister got off free and we both went up stairs.

It’s not fare my other sister who’s 17 was out so I could ask for any help! How come she don’t get in any trouble and why did she think it was funny to try and make me closterfobic? Just because she was board from having to babysitting me!

Best answer:

Answer by John
You mom’s hot and your sister looks like the devil.