How often can you give a chocolate lab a bath?


Mom to one cute boy! asks:

My fiance says “not often, with their skin” and I swear the dog smells after a few days after a bath.
So how often can the doggie get a bath?

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Answer by cmspotts1219
As often as every day really if you have the time. It is probably better for you and your schedule to do it once a week. Just be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and/or a conditioner. I use Stazko oatmeal shampoo and conditioning grooming spray and my pets’ coats are soft, their skin is well conditioned and they smell TERRIFIC! The conditioning spray is formulated to help repel dirt and oil build up as well, so they dont need to be bathed more than once a month!

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  1. The smell may be coming from the food you are feeding. Is it an all natural food with no chemical preservatives? Does it have corn in it?
    I have 3 Labs. 2 of them have not had a real bath in several years. The newest one we got in July 07 and have not bathed her either. They only get soaked when they go swimming.
    None of them smell or have dirty ears. I haven’t cleaned their ears either. They get yearly vet checks and have never had a problem.
    3 of them are fed Diamond Lamb and Rice food and the other one gets Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance, Sweet Potato and Fish.
    Bathing too ofter will cause more problems than it will solve. A Lab has natural oils that get washed out with over bathing.
    After you bathe your dog and it is dry, try dribbling a few drops of water on the coat. If it doesn’t bead up you have over bathed and washed the oils out.
    The breeder I got my latest Lab from never bathes her dogs, not even the ones she was showing in conformation.

  2. I would say nothing more then two, three times a month. Dogs’ skin can act up for getting baths so often. Also remember to dry COMPLETELY after every bathing

  3. It is best to only bathe your dog every 3 to 4 weeks. If you bathe it more often than that it will cause your dog to suffer from dry skin and your dog will develop skin problems that will cause him to smell.

  4. You shouldn’t bath him more than once a week. Use a moisturizing shampoo. Between baths, give him eggs so that the fats in the eggs can moisturize his skin and condition his coat. You can hard boil the eggs and give them to him, shell and all.

  5. I am 11, I love dogs and all, but dogs are dogs…they smell,you will get used to it, the poor thing probably hates baths, I give my very own dog a bath once a month in warm water, with dog flee and tick shampoo, his skin is nice and his coat is soft.He is a boxer/rodesian ridgeback mix, there skin is very similar to a labs skin and coat.

  6. The more often you give one a bath the more they will smell.
    When you bathe them to often their system starts to work overtime to replace the oils you keep stripping from their coat. Their first cousin the Newfoundland Dog stinks to high heaven while you are taking them out of the bathtub, a week later they smell fine. Same problem, you are smelling the oil that they produce to be waterproof.
    My choco got a bath whenever he retrieved a roc,– a-er duck.

  7. once a month is normal i mean you can give him more, but if his skin acts up i would either get different shampoo or reduce bathing to once a month

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