How do you engage the interaxle power divider on a Mack truck that does NOT have the manual switch in the cab?


Bill asks:

I am fairly new to Mack Trucks. I was stuck on some ice/snow and was asked why I didn’t engage the power divider. I am not 100% sure on how to since there is no switch in the cab for this and that is the type I am familiar with. I know there is a way but I am not certain and don’t want to emabass myself.

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Answer by JetDoc
Not all heavy trucks have a power divider. If there is no control switch in the cab, then your Mack truck is not equipped.

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  1. Hello Bill – Welcome to Mack Trucks. The first thing I would want to verify is to make sure that the driving rear axles are Mack. We do offer vendor drive axles. If the carriers are top loaded as opposed to front loaded on the axle housing, that with almost 100% certainty makes them Mack. All Mack drive axles do come equipped with a rear axle power divider as STD. This option allows traction to the axle with the most resistance as the truck moves down the road. There is a very simple inner and outer cams that are attached to the axles that work on centrifugal force. As one axle rotates faster than the other this miss match allows a small wedge (I call them peanuts) to engage the other cam locking up the axle. Noticed I said moving. When the truck is stationary there is no centrifugal force at work inside the carrier. In this case we actually use a Power Divider Lock Out device. When the truck is not moving we need to disable the ability of the Power Divider to do it’s normal job. Thsi will allow you to move off ice or a slippery low traction surface. Now you may not have the PDLO option, but don’t worry all is not lost. I’ve won more than a few bets demonstrating this drivers that are stuck in the mud. Select the lowest forward gear you have and let out the clutch. Don’t touch the throttle as you have lot’s of torque available to you. Now feather the brake pedal creating a load on all 4 rear drive wheels. This momentarily fools the Power Divider and you will move off the ice. Once the truck starts moving you can stop feathering the brakes and apply some throttle. Your not stuck anymore.

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