How do I locate my recycle bin icon on my desktop if the icon’s been deleted?

Recycle Bin

turquoise24 asks:

I accidenteally deleted my recycle bin on my desktop. I tried searching for it everywhere. I can still delete things but I have no icon to click on if I want to retrieve the things I deleted.

Best answer:

Answer by natalie070882
it should be in the start menu under all programs if you search there you should find it
hope this helps

Can I be fired for not digging through the trash?

Legal Tray

Caleb Richie asks:

I work at Quiznos and they have these black trays that supposedly cost a lot of money. If they’re thrown away one of the employees has to dig through the trash and fish them out by hand. Seems to me that they take full advantage of their minimum wage paid employees. Can I be fired for not doing this legally? Is this legal in the state of Indiana to make people who serve food dig through trash?

Best answer:

Answer by rk
It doesn’t matter. If they want to fire you they will use another excuse if they can’t get away with that one. It’s called “at will” employment.

How often can you give a chocolate lab a bath?


Mom to one cute boy! asks:

My fiance says “not often, with their skin” and I swear the dog smells after a few days after a bath.
So how often can the doggie get a bath?

Best answer:

Answer by cmspotts1219
As often as every day really if you have the time. It is probably better for you and your schedule to do it once a week. Just be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and/or a conditioner. I use Stazko oatmeal shampoo and conditioning grooming spray and my pets’ coats are soft, their skin is well conditioned and they smell TERRIFIC! The conditioning spray is formulated to help repel dirt and oil build up as well, so they dont need to be bathed more than once a month!

How do i disconnect from mass storage mode when phone is connected to computer?


JJ♀ {JαѕмιиєJσ} ♥UK♥ asks:

its my first time connecting my Sony Ericsson 910i to the computer and i accidentally put it on mass storage mode. it says not to disconnect the cable until i have exited the application on my pc. but i have no other widows up and don’t know how to exit the app… help?

Best answer:

Answer by GaidinBDJ
You can try to right click on the storage icon in the system tray (It’s a grey drive with a green arrow on it) and select the phone or card and it will disconnect it.

You may (WARNING!!!: This may mess data on your phone up. It should 99.999% of the time, but WARNING nonetheless) simply unplug it if you’re done transferring anything to or from the phone.

Dream that I kept waxing different items.. I specifically remember polka dot shoes and maybe cabinets?

Shoe Cabinet

irishpotatos1 asks:

What could this mean? The wax was all goopy – like salon wax – not a bar. I’m really confused about it. Can someone help me?

Best answer:

Answer by The Therapist
Perhaps there are things in your life that you think are so thick and ridled with problems, and it’s too hard to fix them.
Stress perhaps?
Polka dot shoes could symbolize riddles….
Cabinets? Well…. you’re hiding something? or you feel something is being hidden from you.

What is cheaper, a gas heated bath or an electically heated instant shower?


Dave D asks:

I understand this depends on local pricing and what equipment I have, but in terms of energy consumption, using average bath sizes around 400 litres and average shower times of 5-6 minutes, using 35 litres, how does it compare?

Best answer:

Answer by Noodles
My understanding is that the instant heated water is cheaper. The savings is that you are not heating a tank of water 24 hrs a day, while you are at work or asleep and not needing any hot water. I am considering it myself as majority of my gas bill is for heating water especially in the summer. I have not gotten a clear answer on the installation issues as to if you need one for kitchen and laundry area as well as bath or does one unit do all. I am of the understanding that a dedicated electric circuit has to be put in. Once you re coup the cost of equip and installing it you would be saving money. But, on other hand if you have several folks under same roof the argument may become somewhat moot due to frequent usage of hot water.

Just wondering where I can buy materials for building a bookcase/shelving units?

Shelving Unit

Jenn M asks:

I’m sure everyone can understand clutter, which is why I want to build a storage/shelving unit/bookcase type of thing. Where can I buy the needed materials, and what type of wood would be best for this type of project? (I live in the Salem area of Oregon, not sure if that is relevant or not.)

Best answer:

Answer by Toby Montyn
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