Why do I have gnats in my bathroom?


Hayley C asks:

For the past couple of weeks I have been noticing gnats flying around my bathroom. I can’t figure out what is causing them. I keep my bathroom clean and I empty the trash regulary. I see them in the shower mostly so could they be coming from the drain? Does anyone have any suggestions what caused this or what can be done to stop it? I have a baby so I don’t want to use a bunch of harmful bug killers and I really just want to figure out whats causing them so I can get rid of them permanantly.

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Answer by twistedthinking
do you have any plants in your bathroom

2 thoughts on “Why do I have gnats in my bathroom?

  1. They’re most likely not gnats. I have those in my bathroom too, I think they’re mosquitos. I know that mosquito lay eggs in water so I figured that they came from the drains and toilet. I also remember mosquitos flying out of the drain pipe in my mom’s house in Mexico.

    To get rid of them, you can try fly traps. If you see one flying around, spray it with hairspray, then kill it when it falls. If it’s a huge nuisance, you can call an exterminator. I know it’s not much help, but good luck.

  2. do u have a plant in there of any kind…if so check the dirt…u might need to repot it to get the gnats out..they live in the dirt if it has been a long time..

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