How do I get something printed on a towel?


asplodedness asks:

Towel Day is still a month away, but I was just wondering how I might go about printing an image on a towel (such as the words “Don’t Panic!”). It doesn’t matter whether the image has to be created before or while printing.

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Zaid Farooq
here is a tutorial about the silk screen printing that will hep you in the towel printing if you want to do that at home.
you have to use regular plasticol inks reduced/modified with Cureable reducer to get a nice soft hand to the print.You can also purchase towels from most printing vendors that work well with printing.

Lil Bow Wow – Basketball

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I receive a magazine monthly in pdf format. Can I take one page and copy it to my desktop?

Magazine File

AndThenThereWasLight asks:

I write for a magazine and one page of the pdf file of the mag is my column.
I need to copy that one page onto my desktop so I can send my column to other editors without sending them the whole pdf file of 100 pages.
i have the regular Adobe software (the free version)
Can you please tell me how to do this?
Thanks in advance!
It isn’t just text: I need the piece as laid out by the mag’s editor cos it has photos etc

Best answer:

Answer by lituindya
yes it is possible in adobe reader 8 professional. check it out.

Do you have a shower curtain or glass door in your bath?

Shower Curtain

sunflower asks:

We just expanded our bathroom and can’t decide if we should get a glass door or a shower curtain for the shower/tub area. The tub is a larger deep soaking tub and I think it would be easier having a fancy curtain. Are shower curtains out of style now for newly remodeled, expanded bathrooms? It is a ground floor bath, not the master bathroom by the bedrooms upstairs… Any ideas? Thanks.

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Answer by Annie G
I have a shower curtain, but I’d much rather have a glass door.

Which direction is a jacket supposed to be hanged on a curved coat hanger?


matt1365 asks:

Many formal coat hangers are molded with arms that curve outward slightly. Which way are the jackets supposed to go on them? With the tips of the hanger pointing outward (towards the front of the jacket), or inwards (towards the back)? Please DO NOT answer if you don’t know for sure.

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Answer by Smartarse
The concave, or indented end, should be facing the front of the jacket. Think about the way your arms bend off of you. They bend forward not backwards.

How do you keep dogs out of your trash cans?

Trash Can

startwinkle05 asks:

I live out in the country so I can’t do anything about them running wild, as there is no law about that. I tried putting rocks in the bottom of the can, but this is a BIG dog! The dog knocks over the can and scatters my trash all over the road and the yard! I am so tired of cleaning up after someone else’s dog getting in my trash!
Ya-sai……Can you tell me the name of this spray or where you can buy it?
Anti-freeze is now formulated to be non-hazardous to animals.

As for getting a cat, there are also stray cats in my neighborhood and they get in the trash just like the dogs do!

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Answer by TIMOTHY D L
Sprinkle HOT pepper over your trash

Drying clothes on a clothes rack verses an electric dryer…?

Drying Rack

************ asks:

If you use a clothes rack I have questions for you.

1. What indoor clothes drying rack do you recommend?
2. About how much money do you save on electricity every month doing this?
3. How long does it take for the clothes to dry on the rack?
4. Is it worth the extra time?

Best answer:

Answer by eggor
A cheep one cost is not the deciding factor. The amount of air flow is other wise you have wet smelly clothes. The dollar amount of savings is determined by the size of your family and your toss it in the laundry habits. Unless it is a warm sunny day drying towels takes long enough that they don’t smell fresh. Other wise everything else usually does fine. (i live in CA.) I hand wash a lot of my clothes so they don’t wear out or look dull and wrung. Even dry cleaning is not dry and fades clothes quickly. I also go from suits and silk to great danes and cotton grunge. And sweaters can be re-sized if you shrink them. Now if I had young kids no would be my answer. Time spent with your kids is more important. than laundry. So depending the clothes and material there are a variety of ways to save money. It is worth in to me because my dollar is not replacing items wear regularly like silk Cammie’s. or skirt and nice jackets just need spot cleaning after only a few hours. You can always freshen them up by throwing them into the dryer on low for a few minutes also. Good luck. If it doesn’t dry in 24 hrs then it is not worth the hassle.