What materials do I need to pop out a kitchen drawer?


Candy asks:

In front of my kitchen sink are those fake drawers that don’t open. I would like to put hinges on that so that I can pop them out and store my sponge and cleaning brushes but I do not know what materials I need for it. What kind of drawer/hinge/etc would I need?
It is a drawer that is basically just a flap…not a full pull out drawer.

Best answer:

Answer by Drewfuss
there are special hinges and a plastic tray sold especially for that purpose. you probably will have to order them from a kitchen place.

3 thoughts on “What materials do I need to pop out a kitchen drawer?

  1. Those aren’t real drawers, they don’t have anything there to put stuff in because the sink sits down where the drawers would be. If you open the cabinets under your sink and look up you’ll probably see that there is no drawer and all you’ll see is the sink.

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