What is the best storage device for documents and pictures?


Aa B asks:

What is the best and largest usb port storage device? I need to take all of my documents and photos off of my boyfriends computer. There are also movies on the computer. Isn’t there a device I can put in the usb port and drop all my files into? Help please I need to do it today.

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Answer by Devin J
portable hard drive perferably 80 giga bytes but it all depends on you computers hard drive and how much you r moving

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  1. The storage device you are describing has to be a usb memory stick device, easy to find and they are relatively inexpensive. If you wanted something with more than 6GB of capacity and is rugged in design, I would go with a external usb hard drive. Again, easy to find and not too expensive…

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  2. Try Western Digital’s Website and look at the Passport Edition section. There is a wealth of information there and at reasonable prices. Check it out and see what you like.

  3. Oh yes there is lots of different USB Storage devices you can go out and buy a flash drive aka Jump drive —> up to 6 gb. Or you could also go out and buy an external hard drive —> Up to 1 tb

  4. you could buy an external hard drive the size depends on how much info you want to shift or you could use sky drive 25gig on line storage space

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