What do I need to do to become a professional organizer?


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I would like to become a professional organizer, possibly specializing in helping OCD hoarders. What steps would I need to take?

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  1. 1. Organize your appearance and your mind will follow: I reccomend not wearing ripped, stained shirts and baggy jeans. I do, however, reccomend neat shirts and appropriate-length jeans. Also, if you are a girl, keep hair out of your face perhaps by tucking it behind your ears. If you are a guy, keep hair out of your face and comb out flyaway hairs.

    2. Find out what type of organizer you are: If you have a tight, strict schedule then you are considered a Marker or a Pen organizer meaning you make time for EVERYTHING on a schedule (and also with a pen or marker, everything is permanent, thus the name Marker or Pen organizer). If you can’t find time to do things because your schedule keeps changing, you are a Pencil organizer (which is erasable, like your schedule).

    3. For a Pen/Marker organizer, I highly reccommend that you keep a small calendar for appointments or a datebook of some sort. For a Pencil organizer, simply make lists. Since your schedule is unpredictable, you can find things to do on paper and make time to clear your tasks.

    4. If you have a cellphone, set reminder timers for important everyday reminders. Also, you can use the datebook to store specific dates and times.

    5. Two words: label maker. Use this for personalizing things and if you are a Visual Learner, you can see everything neatly labeled, or you can use a colour-coding system.

    * Use these organizing systems on you computer. Label folders and create subfolders to organize documents, fles and pictures.
    * You can also use organizing systems (i.e. colour-coding) in study-sheets. It will make for a clear, easy-to-follow sheet.

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