What do dreams about going to the bathroom mean?


TLynn asks:

I often dream that I’m trying to go to the bathroom and there are people around when I need to go. Like…the bathroom is in a public area with no stalls and all I want is privacy. Weird, I know. And a lot of the time the toilet is either too small or overflowing or something weird besides just a normal toilet. Really freaky. What does this mean?

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Answer by jeffrcal
You need to get up and go pee. Seriously, I think it means you are shy about your body and your subconscious is trying to relieve the stress you feel.

8 thoughts on “What do dreams about going to the bathroom mean?

  1. “and all I want is privacy”
    You said it. I think you need a place you can be yourself and open up. Either other people’s energy or the environment whether real or perceived is preventing you from doing this. It could also mean that you may not have anyone to really open up to when you need to.

  2. Bathroom = privacy
    toilet too small = low self esteem
    overflowing = over confidence

    It most likely means something about your social life. You want to keep everything inside. You do not like to share lots of stuff with people. Projecting small toilet could mean you have some issues in confidence. Perhaps sometimes you are down because you are respected as much. Overflowing could symbolize what you want in life. However, that is also too much in some extent because it is normal. In other words, your privacy is somehow being invaded. Not invaded by others, but by your low self esteem.

    This dream basically tells me your personalities. You may be low in self esteem at the moment. You are losing confidence some times. Where there is a chance, you may be overdoing it

  3. Your dream may be a common everyday thought or fear, but with an brilliant, sleepy imagination thrown in. Think about it..are you anxious about people knowing your inner thoughts, when you are trying to put on a different face to show the world? Every successful person I know has a little nagging fear that one day everyone will find out that they are just an ordinary person, no better than the rest. It sounds like that is what you are afraid of. I hope I am right because you can control it and move on once you understand what you are afraid of. This is the key to all worry. Good luck.

  4. i discovered as a small child that if i went to the bathroom in my dreams I would wet the bed. I made the connection very quickly and to this day (i am in my 40s) if i am in the bathroom in my dream I automatically wake up.
    The privacy aspect of your dream could well be your subconcious trying to tell you to wake up so you dont “go” in bed.

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