What color of shoes would be best to wear with a coral dress?

Shoe Tower

Victoria asks:

I just bought a coral dress for the homecoming of my husbands ship, and I was wondering what color shoes would be best, and also what style? I’m not looking for heels or anything, because I will have my 1 year old son to take care of, and also because I would tower over my husband who is the same height as me. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Manny
White, black, pearl, ivory, zebra print 🙂

7 thoughts on “What color of shoes would be best to wear with a coral dress?

  1. a great simple flat in a nutral color like brown tan white black or even gold would compliment the color really nicely

  2. My bridesmaids in my wedding wore coral and I had them wear silver shoes. They looked great. But gold also looks great. Either of them are a great neutral.

  3. Brown would look nice. but if you do choose to do that, make sure the accesories are really simple. see if the dress has any lining or design with a different color on it, if so, try that color.


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