What are the consequences of getting caught stealing a hotel towel?


SaxPlayer1121 asks:

Is there ANY consequence to stealing a towel or bathrobe from a hotel? And if so, how bad can the consequences be?

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Answer by heather
Death by a firing squad.

If you are being serious than they’ll just charge your credit card for it so don’t worry about it.

8 thoughts on “What are the consequences of getting caught stealing a hotel towel?

  1. wow these ppl are dumbasses obvisouly you wernt planning on taking a towel or bathrobe frm your own room.? were you? it depends on how you act when they catch you. if you say uhh this is my towel and im not payin and u cant hav it then they say alrite security who will hold u till the police comes and then charge for for theft.

    if you take it from ur neighbor get in the car head down the road and never look back then nothing.

    what i would say if you get caught is o there must be a misunderstanding i thought this would get charged to my card? o i thought these were complimentary to the stay not just the room.

    anyways make up a bs lie that is belivable and doesnt make u a criminal. they mostly want the money is all.

    tho if you rip off the do not remove tag its life in prison no parole

  2. They count the towels. They’ll charge your credit card.

    Do you belong to the Tea Party? Just asking.

  3. Often the hotels want you to take their towels and bathrobes. They’ll sometimes leave a price list in your room. Wen they notice it’s missing, they’ll just charge it to your credit card.

  4. They will put water on it & whip you with it & I don’t know if you have had that happen before but it stings. So bring it back now.

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