Obama and Holder taking on Arizona’s SB1070

Professor Terry J. Lovell on Obama and Holder suing the state of Arizona and its immigration law SB1070.

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25 thoughts on “Obama and Holder taking on Arizona’s SB1070

  1. I do have a job, it’s probably better than yours. I’m Irish/German, blond-haired and blue-eyed, typical Aryan looks. You are an ignorant asshole, as is Mr. Patriot. He’s wearing a Bolo Tie right? Guess who’s heritage that the Bolo Tie is part of – Navajos, Hopis and Zuni Indians, who have direct bloodlines with Mexicans. The same people who’s country we took by force not too long ago in our short history. This guy, and people like him, are ignorant and xenophobic.

  2. @Ace2548 listen here you motherfucker if your a legal citizen you have nothing to worry about it doesnt matter if your brown or not your a citizen most illegals come from mexico they are also brown but dont belong here if anything you should side with arizona and get these criminals the fuck out of America before they ruin it

  3. @sgtcool5005 You’re right…I have nothing to worry about, cops know the difference when they see a legal and illegal person right away. There are dead giveaways, illegals just kinda look like criminals whereas us legal ones don’t. If anyone should be afraid its you though because they are going to keep coming…and they are going to have babies….lots and lots of brown babies. Hell I may even have a baby with one…little brown criminal babies everywhere destroying America HAHAHAHA!

  4. Funny how “Diversity” is being pushed in EVERY white nation.

    No one says Japan needs to become more “diverse”.

    No one says China, Africa, Mexico, Haiti, or Israel should be deluged with massive foreign populations to demonstrate how “moral” they are, or to “enrich” their sorely lacking cultures.

    It’s a program to eliminate white people from existence.

  5. No one is flooding Japan with Non-Japanese and encouraging everyone to “mix”.

    No one is flooding Africa with Non-Africans and encouraging everyone to “mix”.

    Only citizens of White/European Countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all the countries in Europe are having uncontrolled immigration forced on them.

    This “assimilation” or blending is nothing more than an attempt to wipe out the White race. It’s genocide.

    anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  6. @Ace2548 Well you moron the point is if you are pulled over and have proof of being a citizen it doesnt matter but you have to be so stupid

  7. @sgtcool5005 Well then I guess its a good thing I always carry my birth certificate and passport with me at all times. Thanks for the hot tip. You should be getting paid for these pearls of wisdom you’re dropping! BTY in the time it takes you to respond to a YouTube post, I will have had 3 more brown babies!

  8. @Ace2548 Obama is saying border patrol cannot arrest illegals crossing the border, and youre calling Terry nutty? i think youre the nutty one here.

  9. @dannyboy1087 They were here before Amreica was a country smart one, you cant control your nationality, if youre legal, and have identification you have nothing to worry about.

  10. @Ace2548 or if you have a drivers license and an ss number but you are being ignorant and i dont care because your “brown children” would be legal but since your the father they are also probably stupid

  11. I am good at reading people……this sissy guy, Mr Lovell is just a mad-man at heart acting out to be innocent on video. By the way bubba there is a saying, top leaders will always have personnel at their favor and the rest expect and want them to fail. I see that Mr. Lovell belong to the rest.

  12. @LivingDead221 maybe you need to wiki “american jews” and read the glaring statments regarding finance and wallstreet.

  13. @Ace2548 Which is part of our government. I was also refering to something else NObama said. anyways i dont want to get in a fight, so thats all im going to say. Good day to you.

  14. Why don’t you put on your camos and go play pretend Army with the other Minute Maids. Hopefully you won’t have Internet access in the desert.


    We Americans have the RIGHT to PROTECT our borders and the American Citizens(LEGAL) of the USA. Illegal-Immigration and Racism are TWO SEPARATE issues. SB1070 deals with Illegal-Immigration which is a totally different issue from Racism. Every country in the world has their own Immigration Laws and we are enforcing ours. Illegal Immigrants take advantage of our system and drain our economy. If you are LEGAL, then you don’t have nothing to worry about, plain and simple.

  16. i am with you we need to move and move fast!!! if you are not legelly an american get the fuck out and stay out! damn right! i stand with our people and you know wat our presidents dog has more legal papers than he does! i vote him out GET OBAMA OUT! HE IS SABOTAGING OUR COUNTRY HE IS THE ENEMY PEOPLE LETS VOTE AND GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE AND OUT OFF OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  17. @bodyheals It is against the law to hire an illegal. I support the law. Put those CEOs, meatpackers, Congresspeople or whoever in prison for violating the law. Don’t blame the victim.

  18. The idea of blaming the victim goes back to Nazi Germany. They blamed Jews for all their problems. Arizona has always been a haven for Nazis, Mafia, etc. Truth be known, it’s mafia families & white power nuts in AZ who are hiring illegals. The political system in AZ is like WWII Germany. They blame the victim. AZ even has concentration camps. It is a bad state run by bad people. The nut case in the video proves it. BTW, I am a conservative, not a liberal. My dad fought in WWII.

  19. Maybe if the companies would stop hiring these people then they’d stop trying to get in. lol

    Anyway what could the sheriff have done to alert the attention of the cartel? Maybe the bill itself isn’t racist but the way the officers are going about it?

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