MY SHOWER ROD keeps on getting RUSTED????????????????????????????????????

Shower Rod

bluepuddle asks:

please help. it seems as though i have to buy a new shower rod every 6 months because at first, it is all silver and shiny metal. then 6 months later, it gets a little rusty looking.

what can i do???? is there a rod out there that will stay silver and shiny???

or do you know what i can do to get the rust off???

do you think that one of those infomercial things would help??? you know the one where all your silverware looks brand new afetr using some product????

what should i do????????????????????????????

Best answer:

Answer by BadBill
Oil prevents rust. Keep the rods oiled with something like Vaseline. Most good rods are rust proof depending on what they are made of. Check with Home Depot or other good stores. They will definitely hep. Just give them a call before you buy next time.

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  1. Purchase a wooden closet rod kit( 1 rod and 2 little cups you screw to the wall) and never see rust agian! But if you live in a place where the humidity remains a constant, the rod may warp. Shower rods also come with paint on them which may slow rusting. Check to see if your shower curtain rings are scratching your rod, if they are metal you may go to an acrylic or plastic ring. Go extreme and buy a length of stainless steel pipe from a metal suppl company and mount it, that will last forever! Not really that’l be too expensive. good luck.

  2. I would invest in a GOOD shower rod! There are some really nice ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond and I would think that they would exchange/replace if it came from there. I don’t know if the product on the informercials would work and then you would be out that money and still need a shower rod!! They also make plastic ones if you want to try something different. Before you buy next time and I would go to a good home store, I would ask the sales assistants how good they perform (the shower rod of course!) and if they have had any trouble with them! Good luck!!!

  3. Are you talking about the shower CURTAIN rod?????
    If so, buy a plastic one or one that is painted. They have plastic ones that look like chrome.
    We have a claw foot tub in the master bath with a brass oval curtain rod. The standing shower is a brass ribbed shower, so the curtain rod for it is also brass.
    The boy’s bath has a standing walk-in shower with a channelless door. If I were you I would try the plastic rod next….

  4. You can buy plastic shower rod covers. They are in places like Bed, Bath & Beyond. They come in white and sometimes other colors. What’s also nice is that the curtain slides really smoothly.

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