LAUNDRY CART HAMPER ROLLING CHROME SORTER COMMERCIAL ~~ This is a BRAND NEW LAUNDRY SORTER CART, HEAVY DUTY ~~ I was pretty disillusioned from buying those cheap big box laundry carts then I meet this unit. Quality and sturdiness is very high and this is the type of unit you would expect to find in use at a hotel or commercial laundry service. The structure itself is very firm and our 2.5 year old regularly hangs onto it thinking it is a piece of gym equipment and it has survived that. The bags are very heavy duty and are think like canvas unlike some of the cheaper units we have purchased whose bag handles snap inevitably. The wheels lock as well to prevent roll aways. The bags attach to the structure by neat hooks which you could potentially link to a hook in the wall near your laundry setup for ease. I recommend this unit for those seeking a commercial laundry sorter or those who want a household sorter that will last for many years. WOW, JUST A FEW FEATURES: 25% more capacity than conventional models Large size, 31″ x 18″ x 33″ 3 Compartments 4th bonus organizer bag for smaller clodetergement pillows. Large Capacity Chrome-Plated wire bag handles Commercial Locking Wheels Convenient handle at each end Chrome Plated wire support base Makes it easy to sort laundry by Whites, Darks, Colors, Lingerie, Towels, Linens, etc Wrinkle free canvas bags

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