Is it possible to turn a closet into a bathroom?


Luna Lovegood asks:

I have medium-sized closet (I don’t know the exact mesuermeants) but it is deeper then a normal closet. I know with the plumbing and everything it woul be expensive, but can it be done? I just want a sink with counter and a small shower.

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Answer by Kurt Biewald

i used a closet as my bedroom for a year when i was younger, $ 100 a month

4 thoughts on “Is it possible to turn a closet into a bathroom?

  1. WHAT? you are planning to install a bathroom without a toilet?? You did say you “just want a sink with counter and small shower”. Assuming you accidentally forgot to type “and toilet”:

    Yes, you can make a small bathroom out of a large closet. But first you have to check on two things. One: is your septic system big enough to accommodate another bathroom according to the building department in your town? Secondly, will you get a permit approved? If both of these questions clear, then you have a project to begin.

    Because the space is small, you may want to consider a pocket door to save space and not to have a door open into the cramped bathroom. You can install either a corner shower or a corner toilet if it will make the layout work more efficiently for you. Check these space saving fixtures out before you draw the floor plan. There are vanities available with a larger top surface compared to the smaller bottom cabinet in an effort to conserve floor space. So, with the fixture options available to you, I see no reason why you cannot reach your goals.

  2. Very feasible. My half-bath is 4 and a half feet by 3 feet 9”. The door opens in on the right side. On the left side, which is the longer wall,there is a cabinet sink and the toilet. Over the sink is a large antique mirror. The wall facing the door has a small diamond shaped mirror. There is room for a waste basket. The tiled floor isof 12″ tiles that are white w. a faint blue and grey marbling, and grey grout. The ceiling fixture is a light/fan combo. I just had it painted a light silvery grey (walls and ceiling), and the mirror frames are white. It is small but does not feel cramped.

  3. Of course it is POSSIBLE, but you have to look into local building ordinances in your area. Some towns don’t let you have more than one bathroom if your house isn’t qualified/ on the same floor/ too close to something/ but you should definitely go through the process of getting a permit for construction before you go and hire somebody to do the actual work for you. That way you won’t be caught in the act or after it’s done by some housing inspector.

  4. you would have to take down and redo the drywall with different drywall called greenboard. different thickness and is made for humid environments.

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