Ideas for paris themed shoe?

Shoe Tower

emalie asks:

For my art project I have to design and make a shoe. I chose paris as my theme. We have to design about 10 and choose our favourite one, i’m kinda running out of ideas.. oh, they’re meant to be quite wacky, something you’d see on a catwalk (a couple of my designs have windmills on them, that kind of thing).

Would like some original, unique, maybe more modern ideas. I have thought of, the eiffel tower, moulin rouge, arc de triomphe etc.. most of the things that paris is well known for.

Any ideas? Please 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by meenakshi
How about the food & fashion & art that Paris is famous for too?
eg. crepes, french bread, wine bottle, vineyard, etc. ;
some famous fashions that set the trend in world fashion ;
Nina Ricci’s famous dove perfume bottle – the L’air du temps ;
a collage of various fashion/perfume house logos ;
some famous paintings [of French artists] printed/painted as if the shoe were a canvas;
some famous paintings turned into modern sartorial spoofs [eg. Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party” but with the people in modern-day clothes] ;
a combo or morphing of the eiffel tower, notredame, & other buildings ;
a digital photomontage of any of the above (think of the modern-day craze in art & drawing techniques) ;
origami &/or kirigami model of something on the shoe;
recycled presentation to “save the environment” to eco-friendly for smaller C footprint;
and so on….

Hope these help?
Have fun 🙂

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