How to tile a bathroom wall around a tub?


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We are redoing our bathroom. We own a mobile home and want to put tile around the tub as opposed to the fiberglass wall surrond. I just bought the hardi backer, but I am not sure what else I need to do. I know I need to put somehting around the seems on the backer, but what? Also how do I do the part where the tub and backer/tile meet. Do I have to do anything special where the backer ends at the wall?

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Answer by Blair
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  1. Make a measure up one full tile from the top of the bathtub and mark the measurement. Use a level and pencil to mark a level line on that mark across the entire wall. Use a drill with a screwdriver attachment to secure the 1-by-2-inch board to the wall with the top edge of the board touching the level line.And use a notched trowel to spread thin-set mortar evenly onto the wall, ensuring that it is evenly notched. Spread thin-set mortar evenly onto the back of a tile, ensuring that the mortar is evenly notched. Press the tile firmly in place against the wall. Use the level to ensure that the tile is plumb.Then repeat step to for every additional tile. Place tile spacers between each tile to create even grout lines throughout your surface area. Use a wet tile saw to cut the tile to size before you set it in place. Allow the thin-set to cure completely. The curing time for the thin-set mortar will be listed on the packaging. Remove the 1-by-2-inch board from the wall. Set the bottom row of tiles.

  2. same as the last two people, however, I’d like to add something.
    If you have a fiberglass surround now sitting above a tub you do not have the correct type of tub to tile over.
    I’m sure there are guys out there who say it’s fine to tile anyway but it’s not.
    There needs to be what’s called a tile flange on the tub.
    My plumbing supply dealer will install one for me so I would assume you can have this done with the tub in place. If this is not done, at some point your tile/tub joint will leak and/or you will have a mold issue that can only be fixed by pulling off the backer and re doing it the proper way.
    I own a telephone consultation service with good rates. If you would like to still try this yourself you will need to be connected with a professional during the project. You are welcome to email me and I can give you the contact info if you need more help.

  3. i could do like the guy above me and describe it, but if you don’t know how to do it, it’s still gonna come out horrible. hire a professional to do it.

  4. For the joints of the backer board you put fiberglass mesh tape then skim with thin set. I also put a heavy mill plastic behind the board but over the top lip of the tub then cover it with the board. you will have to shim the wall studs to met the thickness of the tub edge so you have a flat surface to mount the board. If you do not lap the board over the tub edge it will crack in time. where the board meets the wall make sure the board and the drywall are flat and extend the tile 1 to inches on to the drywall, or again it will crack.

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