How to get rid of ants in bathroom?


Bridget asks:

I have ants non stop in my bathroom. There is nothing to eat in there. I spray ant spray and it works for days but then they all come back again, Today I want in my bathroom and found ants all over the floor. Help!!!

What do i do?

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Answer by michelle_4023_87
Go to a local store and buy the RAID- ant works the best and last time i used it..they never came back.

make sure it is the ant spray cause they have all different kinds.


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  1. Go to your local grocery store. Ask for a product called “Terro”. It is a very small brown bottle and all it takes is one drop in the area of gathering. They will all gather around this drop and it looks like they are just enjoying it, but as early as the next day you will notice they are gone, because they get full, return to the nest and spread the “poison” to the other ants. I have used this several times in different areas of the country and it has always worked.

  2. figure out what the ants are attracted to. Maybe there is a nest of them in the wall. Call an exterminator if ant traps or salt doesn’t work. Did the problem start when you moved in? Could the house sit on an ant hill or colony?

    What is beneath or around your bathroom…find out where the “trail of ants” starts, it may be from the kitchen and thru the outlets and into the bathroom. Anyway wherever the trail begins remove the attraction from there.

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