How do you wash bathroom floor mats?


*Mandi* asks:

I have white bathroom floor mats. One in front of the sink and one in front of the toilet. They are starting to look dingy. I looked on the back but there arent any tags that tell you how to wash these.
Can I put these in the washing machine?? Also, can I use bleach on them?
I forgot to add,,,,,can you put them in the dryer, or should I just let them hang and air dry? And yes they are fabric mats with rubber backing.

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Answer by debijs
~~I’m assuming they are rugs with rubber backing? If so-I wash mine in the washer and use warm or hot water but be sure to use fabric softener, it helps keep the backing pliable and it will last much longer. I dry mine on high heat, and they come out great. If it’s plain rubber or plastic mats, I would just hose them off with soap and water outside.~~I would stay away from bleach, you can add vinegar to the bleach compartment-it gets fabric cleaner.~~

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  1. You can wash them in washer and dry them in dryer. However, I usually hang mine up to dry because generaly these rugs are very “fuzzy” and they really fill up the lint filter and every nook and crany of the dryer. I have found lint everywhere after drying them – and that can cause a fire in the dryer – so I just dont do that anymore.

  2. I wash mine in the washer all the time just make sure you put the dryer on tumble dry when you put them in or they will fall apart on you.

  3. Wash them with cool water and bleach. Because of the rubber backing, do not put in dryer, hang on the line until dry.

    Why have them at all? Bathroom floor mats always look yucky, like toilet tank coverings.

    Why not go with nothing on floors, except a step-out mat by the shower or tub, that is only on the floor during use? Your bathroom will look and smell a lot cleaner!

  4. Yes, you can wash them in the washing machine with bleach. Hang them out to air dry because the rubber backing might melt in the dryer or over time the rubber could crumble.

  5. After you have washed them (bleach usage linear to fabric color and pattern) to get them really clean mix some Ajax and hot water, grab a medium bristle scrub brush. (yep the ol hand held model powered by Armstrong) And scrub the hell out of the rubber side. It will make you sweat a little, but just think of ol Suzy “My Stuff Is So much Better Than Yours” doing her business on your toilet, reaching down to check how mungy the bottom of your bathmat is…..That is a.k.a. for Earning Respect!!

  6. Put them in the washing machine on delicate or gentle. This helps to keep them from tearing up and looking ragged. I wash mine with Woolite. Use cold water to prevent the edges from bunching up. Hang dry, or dry on the lowest setting possible in the dryer 🙂

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