how do you get rid of or prevent *hanger nipples*?



I HATE those hanger nipple things on the shoulders! does anyone know how to prevent them or get rid of them? I dont feel like buying this special hangers either, does anyone know of anything else?

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Answer by chase5764
Try hanging your clothes inside out.

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  1. i dont buy special hangers but i do use plastic try folding your sweaters in half with the arms on the inside and draping the sweater over the hanger i havent had hanger nipples in years

  2. Ok , never heard the term “hanger nipples” before. LOL! First, use good hangers. Second, I’ve had success with putting washcloths over the ends of the hanger. I have to go now. I’m giggling about “hanger nipples.”

  3. I use plastic hangers. I don’t usually get them with plastic hangers. Or I think they have specific hangers for shirts that are a little wider.

  4. Wrap the ends of a hanger with soft paper (tissue, bathroom, paper towels) or foil, so the paper/foil trails a little past the hanger end, or stuff a little under the shoulders where the hangers poke.

    I find a spray on “wrinkle remover” (Downy makes one, but there are others) works very well on many items.

    Get one of those “home dry cleaning” kits that work in your dryer (available in supermarkets and other stores), as this will also remove those dents and other wrinkles.

    Hope that helps.

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