How do you clean your vinyl shower curtain?

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ya7te7uja02 asks:

1. How do you know when your vinyl shower curtain needs to be cleaned?

2. How do you clean it?

There must be a better way that what I do. Please give your methods.


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Answer by jobug
throw it in the washer with 3 towels. hang back up to dry

11 thoughts on “How do you clean your vinyl shower curtain?

  1. I knew it was time to clean mine when I saw spots on it, I always tossed it into the washing machine with towels, but was never really happy with the results. I now use a fabric shower curtain with a liner that is totally stain and mold resistant. Got it at target, would never go back to plain vinyl.

  2. The washing machine will suffice as long as you don’t dry it in the dryer but vinyl liners should be tossed anyway, they give off toxic gases when hot water is run over them so toss it and get a new nylon one. There are other options that won’t be harmful to your health.

  3. It needs to be cleaned when it looks icky.

    To clean it, run it through a very short cycle in your washer with a regular dose of laundry detergent and 1-2 cups of white vinegar. The vinegar will break down the icky body oils and soap scum, and the detergent will wash it away.

    When the wash cycle is done, you can put it in your dryer at a VERY low “polyester” setting for ~ 5 minutes… it’ll come out w/ no wrinkles or creases, fresh & clean.

    If you do plan on replacing it, don’t throw it away… it’ll take forever for it to breakdown in the local landfill. 🙁

    Instead, do the above anyway and stash the clean & fresh shower curtain liner in your garage as a non-slip drop cloth for small projects.

    Hope this helps,
          TX Griff

  4. Throw it away. Yes it can be cleaned, but many years ago I started using a nylon(?) top curtain as the shower curtain. It won’t be as pretty as the vinal under and what is available in cloth on the top, but you can get shower curtains in colors that are actually a very fine mesh. It doesn’t look like it will work, but it does because the water that goes through is so reduced in pressure that the water simply rolls down the outside and back into the shower base or tub. It doesn’t grow all the nasties because as mesh it dries out rather quickly after each use. I have used the same curtain for over 4 years and it never looked like it needed cleaning. Vinal did not last 3 months.
    I have given this tip to others who have been quite happy with the results.

  5. Every few months or so I throw my vinyl shower curtain in the washer with my cloth shower curtain.
    Twice a week I spray the shower curtain (from inside the shower) with 50% water, 50% vinegar. It takes away the soap residue safely and easily.
    I also make sure to rinse any obvious soap off the shower curtain while I’m in the shower to avoid scrubbing later.

    Hope this helps!

  6. I just spray it with the regular bathtub/shower cleaner. When it gets to much soap scum build up I buy a new one. Usually this is annually.

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