How do i secure my shelf?


Chelsea W asks:

Im at work. Need to fix a shelf to my desk like asap. i have the shelf ready. all i can found out the back are screws, screwdriver, couple of nails, hammer, and those plastic bracket type things which you normally put in holes to adjust the height of a shelf. i know this all sounds silly but nobody here really has any idea about these sorts of things. how can i do it????

Best answer:

Answer by Rich Z
I assume you meant to say attach it to the wall by your desk.

You need to locate the studs (vertical supports that are usually about 16″ apart). They are where you want to attach those vertical strips onto. Use screws that are probably about 1 1/2 – 2 inches long and that will fit through the screw holes of those metal strips.

If you can borrow a stud finder they are the easiest way to tell where the studs are. If not start tapping on the wall near a corner and listen for a less hollow response to the tapping. You can also get a long skinny nail and try driving it in with a hammer near the base board. If it goes in an inch and then slides right in you are NOT on a stud. Keep trying till you find one. Then look 16″ away from that one to try for the next.

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