How do I open my dresser drawer when both knobs fell off?


onecrazycookie asks:

I have a rather old dresser that I got from an antique store a while ago. About two weeks ago, one of the knobs on the second drawer came off. Then the other one came off too. Now my drawer is stuck shut and I can’t get it open.

I looked to see if I could get through to it from the drawer above and below it, but there isn’t any way.

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Answer by Ralfcoder
If the knob was held on by a bolt that went all the way through the front of the drawer, then use a large paper clip to open it.

Bend the clip straight. Then bend about 1/2 inch of wire back hard onto itself, so that it forms a sharp point, but the short end if maybe a quarter inch away from the long end. Make a loop big enough to poke your finger through with the other end.

Now poke the pointed end through the hole where the knob was, and hook the inside of the drawer. Slide it open by pulling gently on the loop.

Or just tip the dresser forward while holding the drawer to keep it from falling out.

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  1. If there is a hole drilled through where the knob orginally attached to the drawer, you can insert two screwdrivers, one thru each hole, and lift slightly up to ease the drawer out enough to get a handhold on the drawer top or bottom.

    Failing that, you likely might look for a spot between the drawer rail on the bottom and the drawer into which you can insert a case (table) knife and “rock it back and forth until you ease the drawer out a bit to make a grab.

    When you get the drawer out, make sure you securely reattach the drawer pulls. Sometimes they must be retightened occasionally to keep them firmly planted….. and don’t overload antique dresser drawers so that you have to pull them out so forcibly.

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