How do I get rid of closet mold odor?

David R asks:

The mold is in a basement apartment closet. It appears as a white substance pushing through the closet panelling.

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Answer by midjag
Pretty awkward I know, but there are two options that I have found that are kind of home remedies to the situation:

– put a bar of soap in a corner, still in its box for a long-lasting scent
– put dryer sheets between clothes and several places (surprisingly don’t need a lot to get the job done)

4 thoughts on “How do I get rid of closet mold odor?

  1. Wash walls with clorox and water


    spray down walls with Tilex

    Then place a fan in closet to completely dry out for about 2 days.

    Used both methods worked great

  2. Ammonia and water or vinegar and water sprays to clean and kill mold. And, cedar shavings to absorb and smell good..

  3. Hi
    First wash the walls down in a mixture of bleach and water, Do not over saturate the walls, place a fan to blow in the closet for a few days, you want to make sure the walls are completely dry. After that paint with Kilz, again ventilate well, use protection on your hands and a respirator, especially when using the bleach. good luck

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