How do I get mold/mildew stains off of a cloth shower curtain?

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bob asks:

My shower gets that icky black mold stuff which comes off or disappears with bleach. I have had plastic shower curtains, and liners which I had to replace due to the mol/ mildew build up. I now have a cloth shower curtain which I love and it is beginning to turn black also. Is there a way to prevent this, or a suggestion on how to wash it so the stains come out? Thank you in advance!

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Answer by T J
cloth is washable, remember that. so putting it in the hot cycle with bleach will remove the stains. also, i use X-14. hard to find but i love th3e stuff. smells like bleach but that stuff works without scrubbing. if you live in the states, i find that going to a Ocean State Job Lot or a discounted store sells the bottle more than a regular grocery store. it’s a blue bottle and has X14 written across it. or… just do the hot wash in your washing machine a few times. add some bleach and voila! the stains are gone.

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  1. obviously you know that if it is white you can bleach it. Some colors can be bleached also. If the pattern is printed on the fabric and the fabric is not dyed you can bleach it. To know if this is the case, if the front of the shower curtain is printed on and the back isn’t, then it was a stamped pattern on it. If it is a solid color on front and back or all the way through its dyed and can’t be bleached. You could mix one part bleach to 4 parts water in a spray bottle and lightly spray a small area on the inside part of the curtain to test an area first. Also you can soak it in Oxy clean and Borax. You could also buy color safe bleach and soak it over night. To prevent it from happening again, Put a clear plastic liner on the inside of the fabric shower curtain and when you use it, have the plastic one on the inside of the tub and keep the fabric one dry on the outside.

  2. Take some oxyclean and rub right on the mildew/mold stains. Wash your curtain in hot water and a couple of cups of white vinegar to clean the old soap residue off. The mold might be right in the fabric and if all that doesn’t work take the shower curtain out and hang it outside in the sun. The sun will remove any left over mold stains that haven’t come out in the wash.

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