How do I get a hanger stain out of a dress?


Kristen P asks:

My daughter really wanted a dress that we found school shopping. The only had one her size and it has a mark on it from the metal part of the hanger. It is a dark grayish line. What can I use to get that out?
the line is a dark gray line from the metal part of those plastic hangers they have in stores. the dress is not white. i have tried oxyclean, but it did not even fade it. i read somewhere something about using goop, so i think that is what i will try next. thank you for your help

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Answer by Rick R
If its white, try Wink.

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  1. Try taking some rubbing alcohol use 1/4Th cup of alcohol to 1/2 water. let that stay on it for 20 minutes and then squirt some dish detergent on it and gently rub it in. you might have to do it again.
    Another one is to put some liquid dishwasher detergent and rub that in and add tide or whatever you use, and again gently rub it in and rinse. hope that helps

  2. If it’s a line caused by hanging under lights or from the sun hitting it theres not much you can do.I have taken clothes out of my closet that I haven’t worn in a while and they will have lines across the shoulders caused by hanging on the hanger,but most of it is caused by dust collecting,I get Dawn dish detergent and a tooth brush and start scrubbing,I’ve had good luck with that procedure but it it’s sun or lights,it’s about impossible to get out.Start out scrubbing on the inside.

  3. saok in cold water , rub natural soap into the stainand pop into your washing machine on a 40Âșc normal wash cycle. Now hang the dress outside in the sun, The sun will bleach the stain out, just keep sprinkling the stain every now and then with cold water whilst hanging in the sun .The stain should lift out. old fashioned way of removing stains, Takes a little extra work , but it will lift out this way

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