How can i train my beagle to stop grabbing clothes from the hamper/laundry basket?

Sabrina asks:

My dog keeps grabbing clothes from all over the house. As much as we take them from him he still does it. What should i do?

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Answer by Alexa Carrigan
dont give it so much attion dont luh and have tug a wr with it cuz then he will think your playing around

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  1. Get a spray bottle and fill with vinegar and water. when he does something he is not suppose to spray him in the face and say NO in a very stern voice.
    Also placing clothing baskets up will help and put a lid on the hamper.

  2. OK, my boyfriend also owns a beagle with this behaviour, and I own 2 alaskan malamutes myself, and we’ve also had this issue.
    You need to assert ownership, by sitting with your dog, taking some clothes from it, and, as silly as this sounds, play with it, though discourage him from playing with it. Give him a little bop on the nose if he does it. Do this until your dog gets bored of it, and eventually just sits there. I encourage your household to do this at different times of the day, so they can all assert ownership. This is just the start of it, as its very serious, and expensive if your dog damages the clothing.
    Whilst doing this, say ‘leave it’ to your dog in a firm voice, and reward him with a treat for not grabbing the clothes. If he even attempts to grab it, don’t reward him, as this is simply confusing your dog, and rewarding him for his confusion.

    If you find him with some of your garments, you should take it off him, give him a firm NO command, and make his tail go down, not necessarily between his legs, but so he knows he is wrong, even if you have to put his tail down, the psychology is still there.
    Continue with the leave it command, and up the anti, by dropping mucky garments in front of him, commanding him to leave it, and rewarding him for not showing interest in them. You will then have asserted ownership over your clothes.

    Leave it, gives you the choice to tell him to leave things, if you catch him just before he does so. If he continues to, discipline him by pinning him down on the floor on his side with his head down, and release when he is calm.

    Reward all good behaviour. Remember, beagles are highly motivated by affection and food. Your whole family has to be ready to notice this is a sign of extreme behaviour and they all need to be ready to participate.

  3. Sounds like you really need to pick-up after yourselves.. You have to put stuff up and out of reach of the dog. Keep this stuff behind a closed door.

  4. He needs training and that will take time. Just like with little kids where you don’t put things right in their grasp, do the same with the pup. Keep things put up and if he does take something, take it away and give him a firm ‘no!’. Don’t wrestle him for the item because he will think it’s a game. Teach him to drop whatever is in his mouth and when he does, praise him. Don’t give him a treat as a reward for dropping the item because that will only tell him that if he takes something, he will get a reward. If there is a dog training class near you (like PetsMart) sign up for it. It will help a lot with the training.

  5. buy him toys and punish him dont hit him just when he takes clothes take the clothes away and say no loudly and dont pay attention to him and dont look at him even if he comes to you because he knew he did something wrong

  6. Put the laundry up high enough so he can’t get to it or shut the door to the laundry room. Leave nothing on the floor that you don’t want him to pick up. (for the rest of it’s natural born life).
    That goes for everything else like the trash, your shoes, toilet paper, socks, underwear, etc

  7. He’s still a puppy, based on your other questions. It’s your job to keep things that he can chew on out of his reach, unless they are toys. This includes clothing. He doesn’t understand yet, but he will. 🙂

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