How can i make my own compost bin?


Yoga Wolf (Is A Woman!) asks:

summer is here! i wanted to do more than just turn off the lights this year, so i decided to make a compost bin. i want to make it myself, to make it more fun! the only problem is, i have no idea how to make one! can someone give me step-by-step instructions on how to do it, or give my an internet link to some instructions? thanks!
and how can i keep animals and such from getting into it? i know that it is impossible to keep all animals out, but what is a way i can help this problem?

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Answer by but But
crap in a tupperware container and then let it ferment.

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  1. Two ways we have composted are:
    Put compostable amterials in black plastic garbage bags and tie off open end. Lay each full bag on its side poke multiple small holes from one end of bag to the other randomly. Place bags out where they will get plaenty of sun. About once a week use garden hose or watering can to water the composting material in bags. Open bags the following year and you have black gold.
    Other method is making a round column out of chicken wire. Make layers of composting materials in the column as per any compost bin alternating wet and dry composting materials as much as possible. Water contents once a week.

  2. The wire rolls are a good idea, but if you have the room, you don’t need a bin. Just make a pile at least a cubic yard. Contact with the ground assures faster composting.

    All kinds of domestic and wild animals roam here, and I have no problems with them in the compost. Just don’t put in meat or fat or dairy/fish products.

    If the compost gets wetter than a damp sponge, add dry brown matter to it.

    Happy composting!

  3. Here are a couple excellent links on the subject:

    I made my own worm bin out of an old metal garbage can. Drill several small holes in the bottom and around the base, dig a hole, and sink the whole thing halfway down into the ground. The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out. I put a bungee and heavy rack on the lid to deter squirrels, birds, raccoons etc. Works great! Just know that it takes at about 6 months to fully compost, and you should be careful not to mix things that don’t compost well together. Have fun!

  4. Go get metal re-bar stakes and some chicken wire.
    The chicken wire should at least come up to your waist.
    Using metal ties or loose wire, tie the chicken wire to each post.
    When you come back to the front of the bin, bend the cut wire pieces left over itself which you can bend and unbend so you can open it like a door to turn it from time to time.

    These are much more advances and probably takes more time but they are more complete than what i can tell you:

    ^^ This is for a wooden box type compost bin ^^

    ^^ these are more like i was talking about but instead of a circle, you would make a square using the re-bar and leave it able to be opened where the chicken wire comes back together for easy turning ^^

  5. Find you a big plastic drum with a lid. just lay it on the side so you can roll the compost. 10 bucks and you have a compost bin.

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