How can I acheive final height faster?

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Ryan asks:

How can I finish growing faster? I just want to acheive my final height and have it done with. I’m a 5’7 sixth grader, shoe size 10.5 and sitting height is 30.3. I know I haven’t had my growth spurt yet but I want it bad, I want to tower over kids in my grade. I already do but I just want to be about 2 feet taller than them. Is there any way to speed up my growth? All the online height predictors claim I’ll be 6’4-6’7. Soo.. And I’m a guy.

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Answer by Abtsolutely
You can’t force it. There’s nothing for you to do but wait for it.

One thought on “How can I acheive final height faster?

  1. Haha do you plan to be a giant and join the circus? I am guessing you want this to happen for sports or something, but 5’7 is pretty tall for a sixth grade kid. Hell, I am done with puberty and I am only 6′. I wouldnt go by height predictors, it will happen when it happens, you just cant force it.

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