First 9/11 then Anthrax the LAX attacks and the Shoe Bomber…why do Republicans say Bush kept them safe?

Shoe Tower

Fly in the Ointment asks:

Republicans also like to say that there were no other attacks on the homeland after 9/11. Well what exactly was the Anthrax and then the LAX towers and then the Shoe Bomber? I do not blame Bush for 9/11 most Democrats and Progressives are much too smart for that, Republicans on the other hand blame Clinton for 9/11? Is it denial? Why do they leave these facts out? They say Obama took 3 days to speak about the Underpants bomber…why did Bush take 6?

Seems the facts just do not agree with the Republicans claim Bush kept us safe? Even if they say it a thousand times this will not make it true.

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Answer by Leviathan
A lame attempt at rewriting history. The shameful part is that people like Liz Cheney go around saying this stuff while they know damn well it isn’t true. That is what the definition of a liar is.

18 thoughts on “First 9/11 then Anthrax the LAX attacks and the Shoe Bomber…why do Republicans say Bush kept them safe?

  1. Irregardless of what happened, Bush is long gone. Its Obamas watch now. Are you people actually gonna spend the next three years trying to justify Obamas failures because Bush wasnt perfect?? For the sake of America, I hope not

  2. As for Bush protecting us, beyond the logical fallacy, they’re celebrating the person who did nothing when the repeated warnings of an attack were given. A person who, according to them, was very capable of protecting us, didn’t choose to do so until after 3000 plus Americans were murdered; meaning he didn’t bother to do his job until Americans were dead on his watch. It’s all part of the attempt to cleanse George Bush’s legacy, and the legacy and conscience of those who enabled him for eight years. Calling it a lie, though, is an insult to lies. Far worse, it’s an insult to those who died.

  3. Terrorism has increased sevenfold because of Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq according to two counterterrorism experts.

  4. Those with no vision cannot see. Those with no hope cannot have vision. Those with no plan cannot understand a vision. To root for a failure rather than your own success is not victory. To lead is to accept responsibility, to envision success, and understand your shortcomings.

  5. Blame that on Clinton for not working on a security measure against such threads. Bush put out the fires and put up the system at the same time so I said he had done a good job.

  6. Some republicans are now even saying that 9/11 didn’t happen under bush. Just how stupid do they think people are?

  7. Ok moron, deny this…..Deny that terrorist attacks were DECLINING under Bush and that theyare INCREASING under Obama.


  8. They hate New Yorkers, don’t sleep with their cows (much), hate Los Angelians too, and don’t wear shoes.

    It didn’t have anything to do with them, personally.

  9. We say barack insane obama is an American economy destroyer, where have you been for the last year. Drunk on kool-aid I suppose.

  10. Ok fine now admit 0bama is no better.
    C’mon use the details function and admit 0bama is not keeping us safe either.

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