Does anyone know how to make a room divider from hollow core doors?


jocohabeja asks:

Years ago, I used to watch a show called Interior Motives on the Discovery Channel. Christopher Lowell had all kinds of neat ideas on this show. In one episode, he made a room divider out of hollow core doors. The divider was shaped like a U, kind of. On one side, he put another core door horizontally attached between the doors to make a desk. On the other side, I think he put a bed or a sofa, or something. I have a very large unfinished basement with a concrete floor. We use one side as a playroom and the other side for laundry and storage. I wanted to use this idea or something like it to make a craft area for myself and my kids. I can remember the basic idea but can’t remember what was used to attach the pieces. I want it to be stable and sturdy so it doesn’t fall over or hurt anyone. Any suggestions, or ideas about where I might find directions for something like that? I’ve done multiple web searches and can’t find what I’m looking for.

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  1. You might want to look at folding closet doors. You can join two or three sets the same way they are made. Folding closet doors come in louver, louver and panel, or all panel. (I just thought the louvered ones would be more functual).

    By zigzagging them they will stay up with no other support, and if they are knocked over, no one would be injured.

  2. i would and have used hinges 3-4 each panel or door stabalize the top with eye screws and a stainless steel cable strung across the room streched tight and secured to frame work reinforced if possible i would need to draw you something so as to be clearer but you should get the idea i hope elavated off the floor for ease of opening and closing or maybe you could try small caster wheels i am able to get the cable tight enough you may not be able to

  3. Attach the doors together with piano hinge. You need to do a minimum of three doors for it to be stable.

  4. I would assume you want a free standing divider, in which case you would use 3 doors, and hinge them together, sort of in an N shape.

  5. HD/Lowes sell two way hinges that will work specicially for the purpose. much like any other ready made screen.

    Steven Wolf

  6. I would fasten the doors together with hinges. You could also fasten a 2×2 vertically to each end and run it up and fasten it to the floor joists above.

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