Charging station or rechargable batteries for console?

Charging Station

Blue L asks:

Which is better. If charging station what brand is good? If batteries what brand is good? Im a newbie at this…

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Answer by Dan
It all depends on what consol you have got. I had a wii and a recharging station is way better and they can be styleish i had a 4gamers wii charging station with neon blue LED lights wich tell u when the batteirs are full.

2 thoughts on “Charging station or rechargable batteries for console?

  1. I recommend rechargeable AAs from any of the major brands (Energizer, Duracell, Rayovac) and a 15-minute charger. Way more convenient than the battery packs for the Wii controllers, which take several hours to charge, and have to be in the Wiimote in order to charge (where as with rechargeable AAs, you just swap out the batteries, start charging the drained ones, and keep right on playing.

  2. Charging stations are more convenient,you don’t have to take the batteries out of the remotes every time you want to charge them. You can just place your remote on the charger. Batteries are nice to have though (I use them). and I got a great deal for em. $ 15 for a duracell charger and 4 batteries included..a good deal. Plus remember you can use the batteries on other things if you ever need them……….It’s all up to you. You choose what will work better for you.

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