Can you hook two hot water heaters together?

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sukihoe asks:

I just moved to New Orleans. I’m renting a really nice townhouse. I was so excited until the I went to take a shower. The hot water heater sucks. It’s so small. There’s a jacuzzi, but I can’t even use it because it only fills up a couple of inches before the hot water runs out. Is it possible to buy another hot water heater and hook it up to the existing one? Or would I have to just buy a larger one and disconnect the other one? I’m just trying to figure out the cheapest solution. Thanks!

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Answer by bob r
Need More Info. How Big is the one that’s installed now.

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  1. Of course you can connect two water heaters together. No reason you can’t. But it would be much more efficient and economical to buy a larger unit to replace the one you have. For a jacuzzi you should go with a 50 gallon minimum or consider a tank-less unit.

  2. no you cannot hook two water heaters together the wire feeding that one is not big enough for to but it sounds like one of your heating elements is bad have an electrician check it out they can ohm it out and tell you if its bad

  3. I’m amazed that no one has mentioned that the bottom heating element may be burned out of your present water heater, causing a major loss of quantity of hot water!!! Have it checked.
    Increasing temp. of thermostat is good idea. Be careful not to scald yourself.
    Finally, you can replace the water heater with a larger one, which is a better idea than adding a second water heater as that would require wiring a second one, which is not something you would want to pay for.
    You should deal cordially with your landlord, who should satisfy your hot water needs without expense to you.

  4. Try turning up the Temperature of your existing heater. Most times a “landlord” will have it set to 120-125 since this is most economical operational setting.
    Turning it up to 140-150 will use less gallons of hot water per “usage” ( delivering more 100 degree water per hour by mixing more cold water with it).
    ** Be careful – high temp water could have a “scalding” danger at the faucet, especially if you have children in the house.

  5. Yes you can hook two together my Mother did this for the same reason her jacuzzi tub she has two fifty gallon heaters now and it works great she never runs out of hot water.
    You could also buy one large heater but the issue is space to put it in and getting to the space.

  6. You would need to purchase a new bigger water heater. In the mean time, you can check the temperature setting on the existing water heater. Many are set really low (120 F) to keep renters from burning themselves. This can be adjusted up, so you get hotter water and you would end up with more water when you mix in more cold water to get the temperature comfortable.

  7. U can,consider the age of the one u have?over 6 years? replace your hot water heater with a size recommended by your local plumber,I”m sure this will save U big $ .

  8. Apparently both heaters are too small for the job they were intended to do. Therefore see if you can discuss this with the landlord and come to some agreement to have one heater bo the proper work of heating water for both , the shower or bath and the jacuzzi.

  9. How many gallons and how old is the existing unit? If the existing heater is old +12 years then it may be time for a new one as it may be filled with sediment. If the unit is as small as you say you may want to look into getting a ‘tankless’ unit. These are the most energy efficient and don’t take up much space. The drawback is that they are expensive and may require a new flue to be installed. Consult a plumber or handyman you can trust.

    If the hot water heater is bad it is the responsibility of the landlord to do all necessary repairs -check your lease.

  10. Typically you would pull the existing one and replace with something larger. However if its a space issue you could look into an on-demand heater which uses very little space as it does not store any water.It flash heats it as needed.

    Also another option would be a heater for the Jacuzzi. Since you are renting i would assume this to be an issue for the building owner to take care of .

  11. purchase a larger one, remove the smaller one,
    [sell it to some one] you normally can,t hook 2 together, due to the pressure difference,
    get at least a 40 gal heater, best way to go.

  12. no you cannot hook two hot water heaters together your going to have to go buy a larger one they are not that exspensive for one size you are looking for to heat your shower and jacuzzi would be around 170.00 ask the landlord to deduct it from your rent.tell him you would like to use everything that came with the apartment and you cannot because the tank is to small.maybe he will be understanding and go for it.

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