Can i hook up an amplifier remote cable to a power antenna cable from my deck?


yourmom12321 asks:

Ok, the question is

Can i hook up my amplifier remote cable to the power antenna cable?
The reason i have to do this is because i already have speakers running off of my remote cable. Will my amplifier turn on if its hooked up to the power antenna cable?


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Answer by Doug
no ur rem wire need to go to you amp u shouldnt be running any speakers off of it lol you need your rem to make sure your amp goes on and off so it doesn’t run your battery dead.

2 thoughts on “Can i hook up an amplifier remote cable to a power antenna cable from my deck?

  1. If your deck has a remote output and a power antenna output, then usually the power antenna output will only work when the “tuner” is selected as the source. You can’t use it to activate an amplifier, because the amp won’t work if you’re listening to CDs.

    There’s no reason you can’t connect two wires to the deck’s remote output. Most head units have enough current capacity on the remote output to activate two amplifiers without a problem.

  2. how do you have speakers running off of your remote wire? or is it hooked to and amp it is not to be used as a power supply for amps just a remote to tell to turn on and off.
    but to answer your question yes both are remote wires that send current when radio is on and not when off. most decks its the same wire tagged ant/amp

    yes hes right if it has two wires tho the ant wire probably kicks off when not on tuner just jump from your existing amp with the remote wire already in place

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