behind my balcony door n shoe rack there is a pigeon nest with an egg?

Shoe Rack

Afroza H asks:

today I have found a pigeon is laying one egg in my balcony just behind my shoe rack. every time I go to my balcony I have to open my door. and behind that door and my shoe rack pigeon made their nest. when I open my door they flies away. what should I do?

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Answer by Clarice
Can you not go out on your balcony? Or limit the times you go out there?

2 thoughts on “behind my balcony door n shoe rack there is a pigeon nest with an egg?

  1. I would go out there as little or not at all as she may leave her egg or the baby once it is hatched. She sees you as a predator and thinks she is leading you to harm her baby. Please try to stay away as long as you can. Will not take to long for egg to hatch and then after that they grow fast. Watch from inside it is wonderful.

  2. Like the first answerer said, perhaps you can limit the times you go to your balcony?

    If not, you can move the nest a little bit, but not too far. It must be where the parent can see it. Don’t worry about scent, birds sense of smell is worse than ours.

    There is a a bird house a yard from my front door & we go in & out very often. Even with all the activity, the parent birds always come back to their home. That’s because they know that we mean no harm.

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