Is there an energy saver spotlight that fits into a standard sized holder?


appalachian_panther asks:

I bought a couple energy saver spotlights to replace the incandescent lights that are fixed to our house outside. The large porceline base is too big to fit into the gasket where the lightbulb should screw in. The hardware store had a different brand – same problem. The lightbulb doesn’t fit into the holder. They then tried one in a holder they sell – same problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Have you found an exterior spotlight that fits in a standard spotlight holder?

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Answer by Imagine
go to home depot and get the new style replacement spotlights they fit in the old style holders

I care for 18 month old twins and have an activity question.?

Laundry Sorter

biggsj85 asks:

The mother recently asked me to start a log of all their activites through the day like a preschool. I’ve told her in the past what we do and it’s ver sparatic. If they bring me a book I’ll read it with them. If they are playing with a shape sorter I’ll assist them. Sometimes well play hand games like patty cake and itsy bitsy spider. They help me with daily tasks like moving laundry from washer to dryer. It’s hard to have a set structure when I’m in a home setting. I can’t spend half an hour coloring with them because they lose interest after a few minutes. I just don’t know what to do. This woman is so frustrating. If she wants her kids in preschool why doesn’t she put them there?

What can I do with the kids beside what I’m doing (very limited on supplies. They have no art stuff)
Some of those things are good but I guess I should also add things like glue, chalk, marker are out of he question because she’s afraid of toxins. I’m actually supposed to make sure they are far away from the microwave whenever I use it and all kinds of stuff like that. And there are no parks in walking distance and I can’t drive them anywhere. They have no outdoor play stuff except a couple ride on toys so outdoor play has to be kept short because they lose interest and start putting sticks in their mouth.

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Answer by Kshab
That’s annoying.
What I would do is ask for an example of a log of activities that she does with the twins on the weekend 😛 I know with my son, who is also 18 mos, I couldn’t possibly write down all the things (like you said, most toys are 5-10 mins per, tops!).
If anything, I’d try to designate sections of the day – like 10:30 – music time, 11:30 free play, 1230 – lunch, 1:30 park..just to give her a sense but I can’t imagine she wants to know every little thing.

What color to paint bathroom walls to go with blue fixtures?


Lisa asks:

I just purchased a house that has a blue sink, tub, and toilet in the bathroom. I don’t have the money to possibly replace these with a more pleasing color right now, so what color shoudl I paint the walls to go with this? Or am I better off just going with white walls? Also, what color floor tiles should I go with?

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Answer by nicki v
White would go nicely or some shade of off white. Pale green might also go well : ) So does baby yellow

EasyLunchboxes 3-compartment Food Containers (Set of 4)

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How much louder is a ported box compaired to a sealed subwoofer box?


justinsyrell asks:

How much louder is a ported box compaired to a sealed subwoofer box? Is there a big difference? I am buying 2 15″ Kicker CVX subwoofers at 1000watts rms each. I am just trying to decide which box to go with. Thanks Much!

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Answer by dudley19us
It really comes down to personal taste. i go with sealed because its a cleaner sounding bass than a ported box IMO. but ported will be much louder but not as accurate and tight as a sealed enclosure. so it really comes down to the listener i think.