why when i take a shower does my shower curtain move?

Shower Curtain

rayofcsunshine asks:

but when the water is not running it is still. i have a bathroom with no windows, just a fan that runs whenever the light is on. and the curtain always seems to be sucked into the shower while im in it!

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Answer by RENE H
because of the air,

or maybe you have a ghost that loves to move curtains

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  1. The shower curtain moves inward for the same reasons airplanes fly. A fluid (and yes, that includes air!) moving across a body (in this case, a shower curtain) creates low pressue, since the air is moving faster on the inside than on the outside, the pressure is lower on the inside surface, drawing the curtain in.

  2. this phenomonon is due to the density of hot air vs the density of cold air. hot air is less dense (lighter) cold air is more dense (heavier) the cold air pushes againt the curtain harder than the hot air because it weighs more. since the hot air is inside the shower, the curtain is pushed by the cold air outside into the shower where the air is less dense.

    that and your shower curtain wants to touch your body. dang perverted shower curtain.

  3. It has to do with the water falling from the shower head.It is similar to a “micro burst” in a thunder storm.It also has to do with the temp. varience from the hotter water verses the cooler air,on the other side of the curtain.Get yourself a commercial type (heavy ply) shower curtain or buy some of those curtain clips at your local Home inprovement store

  4. Its the draft. The draft from under the door. It must be a breeze from something else in your house. Anything in the house from a heating system to a fan. You should get a plastic curtain that is heavy and leave that one for the inside, so the water does not go on the ground. Then you should have the fancy one that seems to fly or get sucked in, leave that one outside your shower.
    I sounds like the curtains are to light and you have a strong draft.

  5. it’s because the water running in the shower creates hot steamy air. it escapes up over the top of the shower (b/c hot air rises), while cold air from outside tries to come in to replace it (if the hot air is leaving, something has to replace it).

    it’s this cold air from outside the shower trying to come in at tub-level (cold air sinks) that sucks the curtain into you.

    suggestion: leave the curtain open a little bit at one end. this will allow the air to come in without messing with the curtain.

  6. not really sure, but it does the same thing in our shower…I think it has something to do w/the cooler air being on the outside and the warmer air/steam from the shower

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