Where can I go to find affordable storage for a college dorm?


Lauren P asks:

I am going to be living in a dorm this fall and I know that I am going to need under the bed storage, closet storage, etc. I’ve looked at a few places but I am still unsure.

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Answer by postal p
Home Depot and Lowes have plenty of what you need. They are usually located near colleges. You are not the only student in this boat. They also sell the small fridges and microwaves, the 6×9 carpets, etc. Just pack your stuff in storage bags. You can pick up what you need after you unload. This will be less that you have to transport. Good Luck! Wal Mart is good too.

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  1. You can get inexpensive bed risers from Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond (dont forget your coupons) as well as Walmart, Target etc…

    You can also get closet organizers, collapseable laundry bins there as well. You can even get some space bags and use those to pack your things… The key is to NOT take too much stuff. Also, you may want to see the layout of your dorm room BEFORE purchasing. You can find that maybe online throught the college. Also, get a list of things that you cannot have so you don’t bring it with you to school!

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