Where can I get a milk bag organizer for my fridge?


Lisa B asks:

Hi, I live in Canada and yes our milk comes in 1.33 litre bags. I am becoming annoyed with the extra bags in my fridge taking up space. I would like to store them in a plastic milk bag organizer. I have seen them somewhere before, but I can’t remember where and I even found one on ebay. I’m trying to find a store somewhere in Ontario that sells this contraption. I’d be willing to order one on-line if someone could recommend a site that doesn’t charge insane shipping/handling fees. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by TX-Griff
Found a milk bag organizer you can order online: $ 4.75 each.

“Ultimate fridge space saver! I used to forgo buying milk bags because of frustrating placement strategies that followed. Milk-bag marvel holds three 1.33L milk or juice bags in a neat stack. Take from the top or slide from bottom. Keep a keen eye on freshness with compartment labels.
Item Number 1760u”

See link, below.

Apparently these folks are Canada-based… see their web site at: http://www.addedtouchstore.com/… so shipping shouldn’t be terrible.

However, from what I see of this unit, you could probably make one yourself. Take a large (enough) plastic storage unit (like a Rubbermaid storage box/drawer) and cut out a section on one of the “short” side rectangular faces. If the cut-out edge is ragged, use sandpaper to get rid of any burrs that might “snag a bag” when you’re removing it. Fill it from the top, pull from it from the bottom.

Hope this helps,
TX Griff

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