where can i buy towels that work good for drying after showering without leaving towel lints on my body?


Ripcity-zen asks:

not only won’t leave towel lints or fabrics on my body, but is soft and good absorbant. price isn’t an issue this time, because i am fed up with always buying the cheap bath towels, and all of them leave that annoying lint on my moist man body. help someone! (specifically expert towel buyers, the women) =D
what type of towels i mean too

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Answer by OneLove
I would suggest not buying towels from wal-mart or other cheap stores because those are the one’s that leave the lint 🙂

Even going to Target would be good.
Bed Bath and Beyond would have some really nice soft lint-free towels as well.

7 thoughts on “where can i buy towels that work good for drying after showering without leaving towel lints on my body?

  1. i get myne at walmart, target, or you could always get them at annes linens at thing or beals jcpennys thiers alot of places

  2. i just buy towels at walmart , target or kohls.they have cheap ones but i always pay a little more for the fluffy ones. then i wash them a couple of times first and i never have problems with lint. make sure you are using fabric softeners and your lint trap in the dryer is clean

  3. Wow I have never had that happen to me! Go to Macy’s and they should have a towel section near the bedding and the best towels there are definitely Ralph Lauren they are really really soft. If you are more on a budget then go to target there towels are really nice for a GREAT price. Also check out bed bath and beyond their selection is endless.

    Hope I helped! 🙂

  4. Actually I found that beach towels work the best. They’re quiet soft, BIG 🙂 and they don’t leave lint behind. Even cheap ones work, but the nicer ones (more expensive) are softer.

  5. okay there are these things that are like little balls and they are made of nylon i think….they work just like rags exept better…….idk if ur a guy though

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