What is the difference between a ziploc bag and a freezer bag?


lauratov asks:

What makes a resealable bag a “freezer bag”? I am wondering if what I have is a freezer bag or not. It has a zippable top – like a plastic square which runs along the top of the bag to zip it up.

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Answer by lizzy c
one is big one is lil

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  1. ziploc makes a double zipper freezer bag, that is thicker and stronger than their regular double zipper bag.

  2. ziploc is a name brand of a type of plastic bags; they offer both freezer as well as food storage bags. Glad is another name brand that offers both, plus you can get generic ones at Walmart, etc, but basically they are the same thing just different name brands. If you are looking for something to freeze meat, etc, in, it is far better to use a product called freezer paper. You get 150 feet of it for around $ 6 or less; it is white in color very wide with waxy on the inside. It might also be known as butcher paper, cuz that is what the butchers used to put your meat in for years; and many times still do. It prevents freezer burn far better than ziploc bags, & is far cheaper to use, & better on the environment. All hunters use it only: they would never put deer, elk, etc into the plastic bags used today, cuz they KNOW better. You easily “seal” it with tape: & while “freezer” tape is fine; anything will normally work except scotch tape. Good luck! Hope this answers your question!

  3. ziploc bag is the brand name.freezer bag is the type and size of the bag.For example lets use…cars.There’s nissan as our ziploc and then there’s armada for our freezer bag.Did that make any sense at all.The freezer bags usually have thicker plastic and a larger zipper.

  4. the freezer bags seem thicker so I think they are either made with a different form of plastic that withstands freezer burn, or they are just made thicker and more durable for storing food for longer periods of time.

  5. Pretty much nothing, just a different name so that the manufacturing companies can make more money when they sell two ‘different’ products.

  6. ziplogs have the freeze seal that slides back and forth. and are thicker to prevent freezer burn as much as possible.

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