What is the brown spots on the bathroom ceiling?


geraldcoutinho asks:

Our bathroom does not have a window. It only has an exhaust fan. I have noticed since last few days around 6-8 brown spot on the ceiling of the bathroom. I am suspecting them to be mildew. Please let me know if my suspicion is true and how should I got about getting rid of it. Sorry if the question sounds stupid, but I am a first home owner.

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Answer by gamer56520
my grandparents house has the same thing. that is a result of smoking in there. but if u dont smoke in there or know someone who lives there that smokes i dont know what else it could be.
hope i helped.

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  1. if they are very small, it is the oil in the paint bleeding through. if they wipe away with a hot wet rag, thats all it is, and you just need to repaint the bathroom

  2. I don’t think its mold, but it’s not as important what it is, but what the cause is. It doesn’t have to be smoke or mold to cause brown stains, I ‘ve seen them without being either. Mildew is usually grayish. You can be fairly certain that moisture caused them and you need to determine where the moisture came from, eliminate the cause and make sure it’s fixed before Kilz ing the spots.Since there are 6-8 spots and if they are small and spread apart , it is most likely condensation. If they are close together or follow a pattern, (circle or straight line), or on the large size, a look up in the attic is called for. It’s not a bad idea anyway, just to make sure, preferably while it’s raining or you can put a hose on the roof. If it’s condensation, the kilz followed up by some exterior paint should help, as will running that fan during hot showers or baths. If it’s a roof leak or plumbing problem then obviously those need to be fixed first. Speaking of sounding stupid, a shook up cola will leave the same spots.

  3. this could be from a leak roof or pipe also it can be caused from showers and moisture in the room from steam either way you a problem for sure but i would suggest that you find the cause before you repair and paint because if you don’t correct the problem it may come right back once you do all the work

  4. It’s probably mold. Once you clean it off, there is a special mold resistant paint that you can use from most home improvment stores.

  5. I will add just a little more here to try to clarify. Yes, if you are a smoker, or the previous owner was, it possibly could be nicotine stains, but I am willing to guess that you are seeing dead mold. Mix 1 part bleach with 9 parts water and use a squeegee type mop to wash down the ceiling. Be careful of drips on you while you do this. Wipe the area down afterwards. Get KILZ II primer, It does an excellent job of covering stains and preventing mold and mildew from reoccuring. One light coat should be enough, but if you really want to play it safe, use two light coats. When that is dry, repaint the ceiling in your choice of color with a semi or high gloss latex paint (unless you do not want light reflection, in which case use a flat latex paint). Mold and mildew is formed from moisture that remains in an area. Use your ceiling fan, leave the door open or set up an auxilary fan to help dry out the room after showers/bathing etc. That should take care of your problem for you. I hope you find this helpful.

  6. I too believe it is old tobacco residue mixed with the condensation when one showers. I inspect homes for mould regulary and brown is not common for me to see. If it is mould the standard practice today is not use bleach. Just soapy warm water and physically remove the mould… No moisture no mould, so keep the fan running at least an hour after a shower.

  7. First, try a mildew spray remover like Tilex or x-14. If its mildew it will disappear. It could also be dirt, when the steam from a hot shower condenses on the walls and ceiling and then dry, as the moisture evaporates it leaves behind any dirt that pooled together when the suface was wet. You can towel dry the sufaces after a shower but that gets to be a pain, or just wipe everything down weekly with a bathroom cleaner.

  8. it also could be a pipe/roof leak. Mold usually isn’t brown, but if you know it not to be a roof leak and no pipes are leaking Kilz it and repaint.

  9. I would suspect it is mildew and you should use a mixture of Clorox and water to kill the mildew. Check with Google and you will find information on the mixture. probably about 2/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup of Clorox. You can buy products at the paint store to kill the mildew but it is the same as the Clorox. Since it is on the ceiling be careful not to get drop on your body or in your eyes, use goggles. After killing the mildew, use a good primer and then repaint with Kitchen/Bath paint. It is designed to take the high humidity of a bath room. Hope this helps…check with Google to verify. Send me an e-mail if you need additional information.

  10. Take a rag dipped in a bleach/water solution and wipe down the ceiling and walls. I do this about once every three months or whenever I see something appear. Always run your exhaust fan when showering. Good luck!

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