What is the best trash can to keep in the kitchen ?

Trash Can

ThinkingOfClimate asks:

The trash can I now have is a stainless steel rectangular one. It is too annoying to replace the bag inside it – you have to take out the plastic container inside, put the bag and the plastic container is so snug inside the can that the bag comes out at the edges. I want to replace this with a more user friendly can. Any ideas ?

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Answer by cristanine
We have a small 2 1/2 foot tall by 16″ wide White trash can with auto lid opener.

It works great.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that your garbage can in the kitchen is too big.
You want to keep small cans in the kitchemn and the reason is very obvious.
Nobody I mean nobody wants a kitchen full of trash.

3 thoughts on “What is the best trash can to keep in the kitchen ?

  1. I have a plastic trash can with a lid that is easy to unload.Look for those kinds that take the tall kitchen bags.get the drawstring type to make it even easier.

  2. A company called ‘rev-a-shelf.
    higher priced, but never worry about breaking
    Comes with a plastic basket approx 8 gal
    fits inside an 18″ cabinet on a sturdy metal sliding track
    great feature – normal plastic grocery bags fit.
    believe other similar products available from this company

  3. I found the old fashioned ones- It takes a 13 gal bag. It has a foot pedal to raise the lid. Its very easy to change the bag

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