What is the best hanger to hang shirts on?


One dollar and NINE CENTS!!!!! asks:

I know it seems like a simple question, but I want to hang the shirts, and not have the shoulders have the hanger indentations on the clothes. Thanks.

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Answer by sleepy girl
use a wooden hanger is the best to use every time you hang shirts

2 thoughts on “What is the best hanger to hang shirts on?

  1. Get the kind of hangers that have like, cuts on the side where the shoulders are.
    Also, for tanktops or muscle shirts or whatever, the ones at the stores (yes, the cheap plastic ones) are best.

  2. If you are hanging a cotton shirt, it will always leave indentaitons if you hang it on any hanger normally. Buy a plastic hanger that looks like a triangle with and opening. Fold your shirts in half with arms folded under,then lap the shirt over the triangle opening so that is hanging over the bottom of the hanger. My husband always has me do his casual cotton shirts like this and it works like a charm. You can do sweaters like this to if you want them hung up in the closet.

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