What is a perfect storage place for a Happy Meal over the next two months?


Cameron asks:

I am going to do a science project on how long a McDonald’s happy meal can last outside. My only problem is that animals probably will eat it within days and its not going to get stored in my house. What would be an adequate storage place (Like Tupperware) to store it. It needs to be like a box that I can build. Please respond soon.

Best answer:

Answer by stray cat
Put it in abreathable container, preferably wood. If you’re going for what that guy did? You’ll notice he just had it on a plate. Had he put it in tupperware it would have molded for sure. So, no plastic and something that will keep it dry. If you have a garage or shed too.
Just “outside” isn’t good enough. Bugs and animals will get to it.
In a box and kept dry and sheltered! Good luck and let us know, please.

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