What height from the floor are towel bars installed?


linium2000 asks:

I ready to install towel bars, towels, and robe hooks. I just don’t know if there is a certain height that is used or not.

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Answer by mossie

1.5 metres from the floor will do….

3 thoughts on “What height from the floor are towel bars installed?

  1. “There are several issues to consider, I think. First how big are you towels and when you fold them over the bar where do they hang to. Sometimes they would be in the way of other things in the room. Usually ( chest high ) would be the best. The other issue is the use a long level to make pencil marks on the wall first… nothing worse than a towel bar thats NOT LEVEL. You would notice that before the height of the bar. Good Luck

  2. 3.5 to 4 feet from the floor. but really it depends on your taste. the height you feel comfortable reaching
    hope this helped

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